My Fathers House Visalia

Financial Accountability

My Fathers House Visalia by the NUMBERS in 2019

2019 was a busy year for My Fathers House Visalia.  These are the numbers we had to work with. As always, we want to influence our men and women toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how that effects the decisions they make for the rest of their lives.  


Total souls enrolled in our program in 2019 –75

Residents who went to another program such as a drug program - 4

Residents still with us and working on their goals – 42

(They are involved in a local church, working, tithing, saving their money, volunteering and learning how to live independently.)

Residents incarcerated from program - 2

Residents who returned to addiction back to homeless - 9

Residents who deceased - 0

Residents who have moved on to permanent housing – 18

(Since our beginning, we have moved over a 100 men and women into permanent housing.)


We have opened up 4 new homes this year and supplied them with furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, yard tools and everything to complete a house.

We have 36 families that support MFH financially.

We have 4 churches who have donated to MFH in some way.  Gateway Church; Rise Church; Covenant of Peace Church and Christ Lutheran Church.


Total Donations for the year = $50,957.54

Total Designated Funds = $12,100

Total Funds to General Budget = $38,857.54