My Fathers House Visalia

Financial Accountability

Over-All Picture of My Fathers House Visalia Inc. 2022

1.     2022 was a different kind of year for My Fathers House Visalia.  We opened a new home with 12 men who are all working and making great strides in self-sufficiency.  We had money saved to pay for the expenses of opening a new home, however; with inflation costs going through the roof, we underestimated by 25%. In addition utility costs have gone up 100%, which we were not prepared for.  We continually fill available beds with new men after our residents move on to permanent housing or back to their family. We rarely have an empty bed as our waiting list continues to grow. We have a good reputation as a strong Christian sober living home for those who want to move on with their lives. 

2.     These are the numbers we had to work with:

We have 40 men in our homes that are in level 1 and level 2 of our program.

Residents still with us from last year and working on their goals - 28

Residents who went to another program, such as a drug program - 1

Residents incarcerated from our program - 0

Residents who returned to addiction - 1

Residents who were deceased while with us - 0

Residents who have moved on to permanent housing or back to their families - 10

(Rent has gone up significantly, which has not allowed our men to move out as quickly, although they are ready. Working for minimum wage in CA does not allow a man to live on his own without support.)

We have over 60 people in permanent housing that we are still connected to. We call that level 3.

As always, we want to influence our men and women toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how that affects the decisions they make for the rest of their lives. 

3.     We have maintained our four homes this year and are supplying them with necessary furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, yard tools and everything needed to complete a house.

4.     We opened our fifth home with 12 men who are in level 2 of our program. We supplied them with furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, yard tools and everything needed to complete a house.

5.     We have 18 family units that support MFH financially each month. This is down from 19 last year.

6.     We have 44 family units total that have given to MFH at least once this year. This is up from 38 last year.

7.      We adjusted our finances and stopped paying Pastor Kurt Salierno a salary to allow for increased costs so we would not go into debt and still maintain our ministry goals. We never use government funds as to maintain our rules of accountability and religious freedom.

8.     We have 5 churches that have donated financially to MFH this year; Rise Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Gateway Church, Visalia First Assembly Church and the Nazarene Church. This is up from 3 last year.