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Homeless Recovery

We never turn away anyone who truly wants to change their life.  We have a program designed to get you off the street immediately and on a path to a productive life.  Come ready to do whatever is necessary and we will walk you through the transformation process.

Out of Prison Program

We want you to succeed.  Our programs are designed around you as an individual based on the "Next Step" philosophy.  Each of our "Next Step" is different based on your goals.  We care, we are experienced and our success is derived from your success. 

Our program can help those with felonies accomplish a new set of goals for a successful life.  Don't let your past hold you back from meaningful change in your life.

Sober Living Program

Your program not only offers accountability, but individuality.  You're on the road to a successful new you.  You're ready to live and conduct your life on your terms, but you desire the accountability as to not go back to your old ways.  Our program provides a supportive atmosphere in a private residential setting.

Rebuilding lives one person at a time.

After Your Drug Rehab

We see it over and over again.  A person goes to drug rehab and finishes his program and is "timed out".  You have no where to go.  You have burned your bridges with your family and friends and you have no income yet.  You are put on the streets to fend for yourself only to find comfort in the same drugs you had gone to rehab for.  Break that cycle and let us help you create new goals for a successful life!