100 men and women off our streets toward productive lives with purpose and sobriety.

100 individuals in the last year we have moved from prison, from homelessness and from self-destructive behaviors to independent living. 

100 individuals we had the chance to influence toward Jesus Christ – our provider, our source and our only hope. 

My Fathers House Visalia has done this with:

1.       One part time staff (Pastor Kurt).

2.       Great volunteers like John Moore and Mark Barkley.

3.       A supportive board.

4.       THREE local churches who support us financially. Rise Church (monthly supporters). Christ Lutheran Church (monthly supporters). Gateway Church.

5.       A dozen supporters who donate to us monthly.

6.       Support of local police and sheriff departments.

Just think what we could do with ….

1.       Full time staff.

2.       More great volunteers.

3.       More local churches who support us financially.

4.       More monthly supporters who want to help change the world – one person at a time.

Thank you for your support - "To God be the glory!"

Kurt Salierno

Executive Director of My Fathers House Visalia