My Fathers House Visalia Update

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support to MFH. At this stage of my life, most of my friends are talking about retirement. I have been in ministry to the homeless for over 40 years and happy to continue in God’s work. I just don’t see us slowing down as long as God gives us breath. Pam and I feel honored to do God’s work in this way. When you do something you love, you don’t work a day in your life.

This week our director, John Moore and I, have been busy moving in 13 more men and women into our homes. A week ago, I was happy to announce we have “room in the inn” and today we are full. That shows us the need is great for transitional sober living housing. Why don’t more people do this type of ministry? It is because it is difficult to make a living with housing. Insurance, rent, utilities, etc. costs are over the top. We survive because of financial supporters like you who join us in changing lives.

One of the most difficult parts of my job is to introduce our new residents to our “next step” policy. Everyone has to be able to communicate their goals and what their “next step” would be to succeed. It is most common to hear from our residents that they don’t have goals and surviving is the main task of each day. Surviving is a goal for most people in our culture. God has greater plans for His people and that is, to succeed. Ephesians 3:20, “Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will … Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think.” I challenge our residents to think and pray outside of the box – believe that God has a wonderful redemptive plan for their lives. He did for me!!!

One of our new residents shared with me his struggle of forgiveness. He finds it difficult to forgive himself. His second DUI, loosing his family and job and consequential jail time brought him to us. He is extremely grateful that he had a place to go and heal. His goal is to do one thing that helps somebody else each day. He plans to take each day and go steps toward healing of his family and friends. He has written a plan that makes an overwhelming goal more manageable. Find work, pay off debts, write letters of restitution, seek solitude in God's grace are a few of his daily plans. At MFH we tell our residents to make your plans in pencil. As you move forward in success we can often find God opens doors we never thought possible. God is remarkable at rebuilding lives.

I am busy this week fixing a water leak in one of our houses. A broken toilet awaits in another home. A door off the hinge is on the list as well. A wall needs to be built at one home for storage. A few of our new men are arguing over ice cream. One man has used a whole gallon of bleach to clean the bathroom because of his germ phobia. Three of our men are dealing with life threatening health issues. One of our men had a seizure at church yesterday morning and he needs some encouragement. Please pray for me. Pray for wisdom, strength and continued joy in the process.

Thank you for your support

Kurt Salierno

Executive Director of My Fathers House Visalia