I have been busy moving in new people into our homes.  Setting up beds, kitchen items and furniture which was all mostly donated.  We are blessed. 


We have one new man who has lived homeless for two decades.  He said he wanted to get off the streets before he died.  He didn’t want his legacy to be about being homeless but about the grace of God in changing lives.  It has been a long learning curve for him as he has to re-learn how to cook, how to do normal household chores, how to be clean (shower) everyday, etc. .  I am trying to be helpful and not make him feel like he is judged.  We love to take men and women where they are – and move them to a better place.  This one is just taking more time. Praise the Lord. 


This year we have seen many men and women move from homeless to be housed in their own places.  I love being apart of that.  You are apart of that. 


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We are partners in loving the “least of these”

Kurt Salierno