My Fathers House Visalia Update

Dear Friends,

I have mentioned it before, but it needs repeating in light of last weeks circumstances.  MFH is about influence toward Jesus Christ.  We had welcomed a resident in our home who was of need of transitional housing after years of neglect, bad choices and some hard times.When he came into my office, we talked a bit and I told him that we don't focus on the past - but our future in Jesus Christ.  The past is forgiven by our Lord so, consequently, no need to dwell on it anymore at MFH.  This broken man began to cry and said, "I didnt think yo uwould welcome me into your home becasue of my past."  We did because Jesus did.  He looked over his room and he was excited to move in.  As the day went on, he felt sick and later in the week our new resident to come, passed away.  We had a few hours with him.  We felt the responsibility to minister to anyone who steps in our doorway and welcome them with Love and acceptance because we never know what life they lived or what the future holds.  We had a day of influence.  We took it.

This past week as been busy with remodeling and getting roms ready for those who need a Christian sober living space.  The building we just acquired has taken a lot of time to get ready.  It is not done yet and probably won't be completed for anoather year, but we are seeing progress.  Rooms need painting.  Outdoor space needs attention, walls need to be built and the list goes on.  It feels like a whirl wind of things to do for Pam and I.  When we welcome a new resident, it makes it all worth while to be able to say, "there is room in the inn for you!"  

Thank you for the many of you who have donated furniture, kitchen supplies and many items to furnish our new homes.  We have all our houses completely furnished and occupied.  

We said good-by to our friend Linnia Smith who passed away this month.  I was blessed to do her funeral and had the chance to thank her family for their years of faithful support.  Many have donated financially in honor of Linnia Smith.  Linnia told me one day, "Do you know why I give to MFH?"  I said no.  She said, "It is becasue you are doing Kingdom work to people I can't reach.  I know money is spent to bring people to Jesus.  That is why I give."  Thank you Linnia and all of her family for believing in us.  We will miss Linnia Smith.

Almost everyday this week their has been a newspaper article about the number of homeless that is seemingly overtaking our city, our state and our country.  Homelssness is a big problem that needs a wide variety of creative solutions that need to be implemented.

Our approach is to help men and women who are "at risk" of being homeless again, the chance and training to never be there again.  This week we took in a man from prison who was dropped off at a local shelter.  He was alone, scared and without any idea of what to do.  A homeless man told him about us and he waited at our door step to see if we could help him.  I shared with him our rules, our standards and our beliefs.  He said, "That is exactly what I need.  I don't want to be on the streets or return to prison."  I introduced him to other in our home who were just like him a year ago.  Now they are working and have created a life pleasing to God, benefit to our community and no longer a statistic to our homeless problem.  

With our new homes opening this summer, we are way over budget.  It takes money to get these homes ready for our residents to move in.  We are praying for financial support to help cover these costs and continue to bless men and women who need us.  

Thank you for your support and your prayers.

Kurt Salierno

Executive Director of My Fathers House Visalia