Thank you again for your donation to My Fathers House Visalia.  All of our houses are full and we get a dozen phone calls a week asking for a bed.  These men and women want off the streets and we want them off for good.  Thank you for helping us help these men and woman make meaningful change. 


The men with us are doing great and we continually teach our Seven Steps to Success. 

1.        Be Right With God – Introduce and encourage personal walk with Jesus Christ.

2.        Drug Tested regularly – Accountability to be drug free.

3.        Sponsor – Have a mentor – someone who speaks into your life.

4.        Meetings – Go to 3 meetings a week that relate to you.  AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery.

5.        Attend Church – Be a part of a local family of God!

6.        Work – Save your money – Be accountable to a plan – Save to move out!

7.        Volunteer – Get of yourself – Help someone – Help someone who helps others.


Keep us in prayers for our new buildings.  We don’t have them yet but we are close.  Lots of legal issues to finalize.  We are doing it to help more people.  Soon we want to open a womens home too.  I will keep you posted. 


I appreciate you very much,

Kurt Salierno