Dear friends,

All of our men at our homes and shelter are safe and no signs of virus.  Praise the Lord! 

Some of our guys have found new jobs in our community which is a praise.  Others are still looking for work to replace the jobs they lost over a month ago.  We are doing our best to share cleaning supplies, toiletries and food especially with those who are without income. 

With most of our men staying home 24/7 I am busy fixing toilets, sinks, door handles and things that are just being used more than normal.  I cant wait till all our guys get back to work!!!!

We are continuing making sandwiches for the homeless weekly.  Some of our men are walking around the neighborhood mowing lawns of people who obviously are not.  We call it “hit and run”.  It is where we mow the lawn before the homeowner knows we are there and we leave… run.  We want them to wonder who would do such an act of kindness?

Many of our men have struggled with drug addiction in their past.  John and I have noticed that most of our men who have relapsed are the young men.  It appears they hope for a quick fix to get to a place they can “manage” their addiction.  The older men who have walked that path before seem to get it.  Recovery and change takes time.  Giving it time, means it takes work.  Time and Work – both necessary to long lasting recovery.

We had one young man, new to us, relapse and is going back to a drug recovery program.  He asked if he could come back to MFH and we said yes, only after he does the time and work needed to make lasting recovery. 

I am heading out to yes, fix a toilet and replace a bathroom cabinet.  Not my favorite things to do, but necessary.  I am reminded that as I serve the “least of these” I am serving Jesus.  So I get to fix Jesus bathroom – that is an honor!

Kurt Salierno