Family Tradition

This week I met a family at the grocery store who told me that my mom and dad (Tony and Mary Salierno) helped them get into their very first home.  They said, “Everybody told us we would never qualify for a loan for our home, but your mom and dad worked hard to get us approved.  We will never forget how supportive they were.”  I have heard that same story over and over again from many different people.  My parents started Provident Mortgage Corp over 50 years ago to help people buy their dream homes and as my dad put it, “It was a blessing to help people achieve the American dream and own a home”.  All of my siblings we apart of the Provident story at one time or another and thousands of people were able to move into their own homes because of them. 

I reflect on that because I feel it is “providence” that God has Pam and I working every day to continue the family tradition.   My Fathers House Visalia is continuing to move people from homelessness to temporary housing, to permanent housing.  As I helped pack up one of our long-time residents to move into his new home, he said with tears in his eyes, “I would not be here without your help.”  I said, “God’s plan is perfect.  A lot of people gave sacrificially to provide an opportunity for you to grow toward independence which now includes you moving into your own place.”

We currently have 30 men in our first stage of transitional housing.  We have over a 100 who have moved on to their own homes.  Thank you for being apart of that family tradition. To God be the glory!

Kurt Salierno