3/28/2020 Update

My Father's House received a tremendous blessing today. We have 40 men in our program and 17 of them lost their jobs due to Covid 19 pandemic. These men have worked hard to change their lives and something like this could be devastating to their recovery. Today, two different groups arrived at our door with food for these men. Chris McClain and his family brought groceries and blessed these men, Thank you Chris and your family.

About an hour later, Visalia First Assembly arrived with 40 boxes of food, one for each man, and cases of fresh strawberries. Thank you Visalia First for your love offering and support.

These men now can focus their efforts on using their cash resources to find jobs an pay bills. We focus on the men going forward in faith and accountability and this blessing just helped them to remain focused on recovery and not the virus.

John Moore
Director, My Father's House