2018 Donation List for My Fathers House Visalia


Friends of MFH $1 to $250

David and Tami Shipman

Gateway Church Visalia

Cal and Debra Davis

Brooks and Denny Stamm

Raymond Trevrzo

Laraine and Terry Ommen

Pamela and Dwight Merkel

Paul and Linda Thomton

Phil and Debbie Mirwald

Steven and Sandra Seals


Friends of MFH $1 to $250

Rita Crandall

David and Tami Shipman

Gateway Church Visalia

Jarrod Nolan (monthly supporter)

John Moore

Mark Barkley

Rebecca and Gary Coppola

Christine White


Bronze Supporters $251 to $999

Tom and Ordonna Link (monthly supporters)

Bob Taggard (monthly supporter)

John and Brenda Wight (monthly supporters)

Betty Vawter (monthly supporter)

Richard and Jayne Duggins

Assistance League of Visalia

Richard and Joann Houts

Provident Foundation

Cal and Debra Davis

John and Chelley McCarter


Silver Supporters $1,000 to $3,999

Dave and Loyce Safina

Laura and Cres Ancheta

Linnia Smith (monthly supporter)

Bank of Sierra - David Soares

Joe and Norma Ivey (monthly supporters)

Rise Church - Jarrod McClintick

Rita Crandall

Evelyn Ibbs


Gold Supporters $4,000 to $5,999

Christ Lutheran Church Visalia (monthly supporters)


Platinum Supporters $6,000 to $7,999

Diamond Supporters $8,000 and above