Update 2/21/2020

Every day I receive phone calls from individuals who need housing and a place to land as they “re-group” their lives.  As I think back on my life, there was a few times I needed help to start again.  It was very hard.  Having a safe place to breathe, reflect, heal and re-build is critical in many peoples lives.  It was for me.  That is why I am grateful to be able to provide My Fathers House Visalia.  Broken people can change and become a help to others creating a cycle of support and love. We never focus on the past but take aim at a new and fruitful future. 

One of our guys got a job last month and his excitement was inspiring.  He had been out of commission since his childhood and finding a job was very difficult due to his past.  We kept encouraging him and telling him that persistence will win out.  “Keep trying.” A company hired him last month as temporary help and because he was one of the best employees they have ever had, they hired him this week - full time.  God honored him and his desire to change. 

Another one of our residents was one of the probations departments “lost cause individuals” because of his past.  I was told a few times, “Thank you for taking this person in because he has no where to go and has failed so many times before, that he is one step from long term incarceration.”  We helped this man set goals and gave him constant accountability and encouragement.  This month he received an award from the probation department for “most improved”.  He has been asked to share his testimony to other at-risk individuals.  It makes my heart swell with joy that God allowed us to be the good soil this man can flourish. 

Both of these men have a strong foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.  To God be the glory!

Kurt Salierno