Thank you for your donation to My Fathers House Visalia.  I think you would like to know where your money is being spent.  I am encouraged how God is using us to change lives.  God is using you to change lives.

In 2018 we had 40 men in our dorm where they start their new journey with goals and accountability.

We had 5 out of the 40 who could not make it and went back to their addiction.  We keep in touch with them and pray they decide to “try again”. 

We moved 19 men into permanent housing last year.  They all had jobs, attending church, tithing, saving money and proven they are taking the steps to be productive citizens in our community.  Some of those men were re-united with their families and true reconciliation is taking place. 

Imagine if you will, 40 less men on the streets of Visalia from this time last year.  40 men trying to make a life long change with God’s help.  Our work is not done and there are many more men who need help.  Yes, we need a woman’s home too.  Someday we will.

Kurt Salierno