My Fathers House Visalia Update


Change is hard.  It is hard for those who make plans and “life” got in the way.  I have learned a long time ago to write my plans in pencil and always seek God’s direction in my life.  I have not always followed it as I should, but I know better to say, “this is the way it is going to be…”.  The only thing for sure is that “life changes”. 

This week we learned that our lease for one of our largest homes (Crowe Street) is over.  We have to move out and find homes for 16 of our men before February 1, 2020.  We are grateful for Christ Lutheran Church who has given us their rental house to put 5 men into.  All of our other houses are full and we have nowhere to put the men we have and the others on our waiting list. 

For our men and women in our program, this is extremely hard when they are just now punching out NEW goals and NEW patterns of living.  Our homes are to be a place of stability and safety as our residents work it out.  This is a good opportunity to learn trust and obedience to our Lord who knows all things.  And yet, it is still hard. 

Thank you for praying and supporting My Fathers House Visalia.  Without the Crowe Street building, we also loose some income that supports me and the ministry.  God is fully in control.  We completely trust that the Lord will make up the financial support to continue strong in our ministry. 

Serving our Lord by Serving Others

Kurt Salierno