Update 10/31/2019

No Veteran left behind!

Every Veteran’s Day I call my dad and thank him for serving our country in the military.  I have always done that since I was 17 years old.  I appreciate our freedom and thank God for those who served to preserve it.  I tried to join the military as a teen but was rejected due to my severe stuttering.  I found other ways to serve those who did join or got drafted for our country.


Few give as much as veterans and families of veterans.  I have always worked hard to house any and all of the homeless veterans I found.  I remember my old boss, Danny Little, giving me the task to “walk the streets and find any veteran who was homeless and let’s find them housing and help”.  I did.  And, I am still doing that today.  My Fathers House Visalia loves our veterans and when we find them, or they find us, we work hard to get them into housing and work toward independent living again.


Last week one of our veteran residents told me that he had so much bitterness and anger over the things he saw in battle that he thought he would never “be normal” again.  I laughed because I don’t know any “normal” person and that brought laughter to my friend.  He stated, “Being around Christians and broken people who are working toward recovery of life, is helping me believe again.  I may be old, but it is never too late to get help and be of help.”  He thanked me for taking a chance on him.  We laughed, prayed and thanked God for second chances.